For many workers, an employee group benefits program is more beneficial than a raised paycheque! Come 2022, workforces globally expect employers to act as per the prevailing threat of the pandemic, and access to health care coverage and mental health benefits are on top of the list.

For employers, it’s pretty essential to understand every inch of the detail that is shaping the world, most especially in terms of planning for workforces. If you’re a small, medium or big company, here are a few group benefit plan trends to expect in 2022.

1.Employer Medical Benefits Costs to rise by 7%

Employer group medical benefit costs are expected to rise by 7.0% in 2022, according to Aon plc’s ‘a leading professional services firm’, Global Medical Trend Rates Report. It’s due to the rise in the combination of higher costs for prescription drugs, dental care and paramedical expenses.

2.Increase in Employer Group Benefits Programs to 7.4%

2022 will see a rise in Employer-Group Benefits Costs by 7.4%. Generally, countries expect medical utilization levels to increase in terms of preventive care, additional paid leaves for caregivers, outpatient medical services etc. Some employers have even expanded eligibility to receive a second medical opinion for an employee’s parents and grandparents.

3. A Decline in Health & Dental Claims

There is already a moderate decline in health and dental claims, and the trend is expected to stick around for some time in case no significant lockdowns are put in place, among other factors.

4.Inclusion of Digital Health Programs

As the pandemic takes its toll on countries, restricting crowds, many expect their employers to think about virtual employee health plan programs. This mainly means virtual support for health plans, i.e., virtual consultations, assessments, physical therapy, and drug delivery.

5.Plans & Circumstances

We believe that many or some health plans and benefits will require some changes as per circumstances. It can make more sense for some employers and organizations to provide certain group benefits programs and drop others. Also, employees will be keen to choose specific health group plans as per their circumstances.