Grandeur is a key third-party administrator in designing personalized group benefits plans for all sizes of across sector. Grandeur is dedicated to meeting the crucial financial needs of companies in Canada through flexible group benefit plans.

With our tailor-made sustainable health care plans, you can make your employees happier and healthier. We will leave no stone uncovered for our loved ones.


Group health Insurance plans commonly offered in big organizations according to employees' prerequisites. Group benefits for company employees, and premiums are usually split between the company and its employees.

Grandeur also designs group insurance plans for small businesses. These plans can facilitate business growth, attract talent and motivate employees.

Designing a Group Benefit Plan

Let’s Get You Covered.

Obtaining a personalized Group Benefits Plan may prove challenging for a business, especially a small one. However, at Grandeur, we strive to tailor benefit plans that work your way and grow your business.

Whether you’re a small business, start-up, or a big business, our insurance brokers have solutions that can benefit your business and employees in the short and long run. These are designed as per your organization’s budget, employee needs, expectations, and market trends.

We craft and deliver Group Benefit Plans to offer the coverage your employees require. Consult our Group Benefits Plan experts today!

Why Provide Group Benefits?

There is a range of reasons as to why a small, medium or big company should offer group health benefits and these include;

To Employees

  • Coverage at a reduced cost
  • Reduces financial burden
  • Provides access to primary healthcare and preventive care.
  • Access to virtual health insurance services

To the Business

  • It helps scale up the business
  • Remain competitive
  • Helps attract and retain industry’s best employees
  • Improves employee morale and productivity

Great Benefits
Are Affordable

At Grandeur Group Benefits, we believe that you should be in control of your Benefits Programs by selecting the right benefits at the right cost...makes sense.

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Our Story

Grandeur Group Benefits is a third party administrator for Health and Dental and associated benefits. We work with you to create a seamless interaction with your employees and your plan. Grandeur is focused on delivering the right benefits for our members that you can afford to give while your business enjoys the security of cost certainty.

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Price Certainty

Let's review your current plans & claims experience to date. We guarantee we can beat your current by a minimum of 10%. You get immediate savings and we will guarantee your new rates for extended periods. Now that's S.M.A.R.T.

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