Did You Know?

According to the recent survey, 70% of the employees consider pay scale and additional benefits as paramount factors to look for in a company while heading for a job change.

Are you wondering about ‘Additional Benefits’? Each company provides distinctive Benefit-Packages or Compensation-Packages to its employees like various insurance Packages, Retirement Plans etc. The nature of each package varies from company to company based on:

  • Your intended Service-Span
  • Employment Status (Full-Time or Part-Time)
  • Payscale

Common Benefit-Packages

Here is a list of the standard packages that each company usually provides to reduce the financial burden of the employees. Also, it is observed that the companies which facilitate their employees by dispensing the following benefits succeed in retaining the skilled & trained Manpower.

1.Health Insurance Plans

Usually, all the full-time employees are offered Health Insurance Plans. As far as the interns or the contract gigs are concerned, very few companies provide such benefit plans to them .

Who Pays for Insurance Plans – Employer or You?

The beneficiary is the one who pays an already decided amount each month.

Can I hammer out the details of the health insurance?

Having a lack of knowledge may not allow you to transact a lot of queries. But yes, you can ask about:

  • Insurance Coverage in terms of:
  • Treatment (What kind of treatment can you avail?)
  • Medications (Which medicinal drugs are included in the plan?)
  • Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals (Which clinics & hospitals can you visit?)

What kind of health insurance are usually available?

  • Disability Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance

2.Paid Vacations

Employees are an asset to an organisation. They are the people who make an organisation reach the peaks of success. No way could be best other than happily providing some paid vacations or leaves to your employees to make them feel that you care for them & thus you recognize your services.

But the nature of ‘Paid Vacations’ is different, and you can know about it by considering the following:

  • Do the number of paid vacation days remain the same for the whole year, or can you expect a change?
  • What if you are not using your vacation days?

Here the employee will get either of the following benefits:

  • You can get them to roll them over
  • You can get compensated for them

Did you know?

Some employers are kind enough to offer some ‘PERSONAL’ days off….LOL! These are the days which an employee can use to attend the personal issues like:

  • Personal Obligations
  • Other Important Appointments

3.Flexibility in the working hours

Usually, the employees attend ‘9 to 5’ working hours. But there are times when we may need to carry out some personal work during these hours. In that case, the employees feel grateful to the employer if they are allowed to work in flexible time slots—

For example, ‘8 to 4’, ‘7 to 3′, ’10 to 6′ and ’11 to 7’.

Exception: If the meeting with the client is scheduled on a particular timing slot, you can’t play that ‘Flexibility Card’ for sure.

Family Benefits

A Step Beyond

Employers know how much your families matter to you, and thus they consider offering benefits to your family as well. Isn’t that great?

The companies can never be partially based on your ‘FAMILY-STATUS.’

What if I do not need ‘FAMILY-BENEFITS’?

Be wise enough to understand the future importance of such benefits. If you do not need them today, you might surely have, in the future.

Did you know?

The companies which are having more than 50 employees is mandatory to provide at least three months of unpaid leaves for:

  • Personal Medical Issues
  • Family Medical Issues
  • Child-Birth
  • Parental Leave

5.Retirement Plans

Whether you are a government worker or a Private Company employee, you’ll get the benefits after you retire. Sometimes the retirement amount is given at once when the employee is retiring. Other times, the retired employee receives some amount of money every month.

But! But! But!

These retirement plans do have strict rules like the following: You are not allowed to withdraw the funds before you reach a particular age

6.Relocation Expenses

If you have been recruited by a company far away from your home, you are liable to be given the required expenses for relocation. It can consist of:

  • Transportation Charges
  • Temporary Housing

7.Tuition Reimbursement

If you are doing both JOB and STUDY simultaneously, the company will be accountable for making things easier for you by paying some percentage of your Total Education Expenses.

Final Comments!

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